What bicycle sizes does Parker work with ?

Parker fits all known tyre sizes from 20" x 1.25" through 29" to "Fat Bike" 26"x 4.0", 700C 23C road racing tyres and MTB.

Can I use it outside ?

Parker is designed with materials that make it suitable for use in all weather.

Can Parker damage my wheels or tyres ?

Parker has been carefully designed to only contact the shoulder of the tyre. This means that it does not touch the rim of the wheel or the spokes. It is particularly suitable for carbon fibre rims and spokes. The unique shape of the contact areas does not leave marks on the tyre.

What happens if my tyres go flat ?

The bike will tilt slightly from the vertical, but should stay firmly fixed in the Parker

Can I use Parker on a sloping surface ?

A flat, level surface will be optimal, but because Parker fits tightly to the tyre you can stabilise the bike by turning the handlebars. On a sloping surface, load the bike by the front wheel and turn the wheel to the lower side of the slope until it stabilises.

Does Parker work with disc brakes ?

Yes. The shape of the body and arms of Parker leaves ample free space for brakes discs on front or back wheels, as well as derailleur, chain or chain stay

Will Parker work with panniers ?

In almost all cases Parker should not interfere with front or rear panniers. You should do a final check before purchase. Loading of panniers will alter the balance of your bike. You should take the time to check the stability of your bike before leaving it.

My bike has a baby seat fitted - can I still use Parker ?

You should be able to use Parker in the normal way, but you should take the time to ensure the bike is stable before leaving it. NEVER PLACE THE BIKE IN THE PARKER WHILST THE CHILD IS IN THE BABY SEAT/CARRIER.

My bike has a large front basket fitted - can I still use Parker ?

If the bike is loaded into Parker using the front wheel, take the time to ensure the bike is stable before leaving it. If the basket is full, you will need to check the bike's stability again after emptying it. Loading the bike using the rear wheel will be more stable, but you should also check stability before and after emptying the basket.

My bike has fenders [mudguards] - will they interfere with the Parker ?

When the bike is loaded into the Parker by the front wheel, all contact is forward of the axle, so no problem. If loaded by the rear wheel, the contact is below the fender [mudguard] in almost all cases, so there shouldn't be a problem.

Can I use my E-Bike with Parker ?

Yes. Two models of Parker have been designed to accept electric bikes. The RR-P EB1 and RR-P EB2 have enhancements to the mounting system to allow them to support the unpredictable weight of E-Bikes. It is NOT recommended to use E-Bikes with any other Parker versions. Although we know the tyres of the electric bikes will fit all Parkers, the weight distribution of the bikes is highly variable and in some cases can overpower the capacity of the other versions of the Parker. It is highly recommended to try your bike in Parker before considering purchase.

Have you considered environment and product lifecycle?

All Parkers have been designed with their total life cycle as a key consideration. They are not a short term, single use product. They are constructed of low energy plastics and highly durable RoHS materials to last a lifetime; they can be deconstructed at the end of their useful life and all components entered in the recycling stream. They are light-weight and optimised for efficient transportation. As they are not bicycle or tyre specific they will last through the life of many bicycles: a Parker given to a child will be able see them through all of the bicycle upgrades and changes of their life. All packaging is recylable from recycled materials. Of course, it is a product that promotes cycling, in itself an environmentally positive activity.